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Nepal Tour

 Nepal tour plan for November 2019. 

Depart from SFO on Friday, November 1st and arrive KTM on November 3rd.

Nepal Tour Map
Nepal Tour Map
  • Day 1 and 2 tour in KTM areas
  • Day 3 Bhaktapur /Nagarkot
  • Day 4 Nagarkot/KTM
  • Day 5 Fly to Pokhara
  • Day 6 Pokhara
  • Day 7 Chitwan by road
  • Day 8 Chitwan/KTM
  • Day 9 Patan/Pharping
  • Day 10 KTM free day
  • Day 11 Group returns home

Tour End:

Day 12-14 Donyo visit to Solu visit the schools and distribute the jackets.

Option 2: After Donyo returns from Solu, fly to Lumbini to India for Buddhist pilgrimage then continue pilgrimage in India.

Please quote me above 11 days Nepal tour but not for India tour.

My Solu visit and KTM to Lumbini trip can be separate because we don’t know how many members will join Pilgrimage to India after Nepal. There might be new members who may join India tour only and they can join me on the day 9th. So I may need to book hotels for Indian group for three days.

In KTM we would like to stay in Hotel Hyatt and 2-3 star hotels in other places. We would like to have a very good bus or Mini Van depending on a number of the group. We will fly one way to Pokhara and Lumbini.


November is good weather in Nepal and India but may get a little cold in the morning and evening, so we recommend some warm clothes and/or extra layers just in case
Comfortable shoes for a lot of walking
A small, light blanket can be very useful on the bus
Modest clothes - skin exposure and figure-hugging clothes are not commonly worn in India and Nepal and will bring a lot of unwanted and annoying attention
If you are taking any electrical items, you will need 220 volts (NOT 110 volt) and the correct adapter plug for India
a small camera and a reliable alarm clock
Hat and sunglasses -the sun can be quite strong even in winter
Tylenol, cough drops, bandages, and so on for basic first aid/medical needs

A small hot water bottle
Strong plastic bags for wet or dirty clothes
Padlock(s) - mainly for luggage
Wet wipes or wet towels, very useful in India
Dried fruit & nuts/ snacks for yourself on the bus
Blow up neck ring cushion
Small flashlight
Small first aid kit

If you have any questions about the pilgrimage, please contact Ven. Donyo directly at (510) 926-3050 or at: