Delek Children's Foundation


The Delek Children's Foundation Scholarship for under privilege students is open to all Himalayan Students in the Himalayan region.  Since 2010, the Foundation has offered and continue to sponsor 26 students in India and Nepal who are currently enrolled in the schools and the colleges.

Sponsorship is a way of providing basic needs and education for an underprivileged child or young person through the Delek Children’s Foundation. You may directly sponsor a boarding or day student, which means paying set fees on an annual basis. It is up to each sponsor to decide whether they want to be in contact with the child or young person they sponsor or if they wish to remain anonymous. The sponsorship provides school fees, food, clothing, study materials, and simple medical care to enable a student to attend school or college.

How You Can Help

Your contribution will change the lives of impoverished Himalayan children. These children need your help to improve their lives, as their educational opportunities are very limited. You have a unique opportunity to provide an education for one of these children.

Day School Sponsorship

A day school sponsorship for one child is $365.00 per year.

High School Scholarship

A high school scholarship for one student is $500 per year. Unfortunately, free high school is not provided for these children. Each student needs help for four years to graduate and be prepared for college.

You may sponsor a child for one year, four years, or even eight years, depending on their program and your ability to provide funding.

College Scholarship

College scholarships are $900 a year and each student needs help for four years. This includes hostel fees, tuition fees, books, travel expenses, and a school uniform to successfully attend and graduate from college. Most of our graduates go into the health professions. Many parents cannot afford to send their children to high school or college, so the children remain at home and search for manual labor jobs outside their villages when they are young teenagers.

Your support will make education possible for so many children in the Himalayan regions.

To apply scholarship you can download the PDF form and send us with complete information. It's not guarantee that all the applicants will receive the scholarship. We will review each application and according to our budget we will try to cover more numbers of those students to continue their further studies.

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