Delek Children's Foundation

About Delek Children's Foundation


Since 2009, Venerable Thupten Donyo, Founder and Director of Delek Children's Foundation, has been helping Himalayan children who are in need of education and healthcare. Ven. Donyo also founded Gyuto Foundation in California and has been the director since 2000. Even though Ven. Donyo has turned the Foundation over to his parent monastery, but the monastery was unable to find a person who can replace him.Therefore he has been re-assigned as Manager for Gyuto Centers in California and Minnesota.Meanwhile, he will continue to work for Himalayan children's education. Donyo said "I may not be back as a human being in my next life, so I want to be meaningful in this life".

The Delek Children's Foundation is a way you can help support Himalayan children who might otherwise be unable to continue their education, find employment and contribute to their communities. Sponsorship of a student is just one of many ways for you to be involved. Donations of all kinds are needed and gratefully accepted.

Mission Statement:

Dedicated to providing children in need with an education and healthcare throughout the Himalayan region of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, irrespective of their ethnicity and national boundaries.

Our mission is to educate the Himalayan children giving them the opportunity to go to High School and College, and raise their own children with education and eventually help their own communities. Educating these children, giving them the proper upbringing and tools to develop into productive adults, have a better future and continue the cycle for future generations while saving the traditions and culture of the Himalayan people.

Our Goal:

We are seeking to raise fund annually for The Delek Children's Foundation. By offering scholarship to our prospective students from Himalayan region, we aim to cover annual students' costs. The scholarship amount for the students will be determined based on the funds availability. This will allow the Foundation to help Himalayan children who have little opportunity for a bright future and are at highest risk of trafficking and other such fates. Currently, we have minimal overhead and administrative costs; 100% of donations go directly to schools, books and other necessities. We anticipate we will need this amount each year in order to help the most vulnerable children through High School and College. To this end I am dedicating and focusing my life service to these children; assuring they and future generations have a the means to survive, to become educated, raise their standard of living, and have their successes touch all in their communities. No donation is too small and any donation will be greatly appreciated.

What we are doing now:

Currently, we are supporting children in different schools from day school to college - in different parts of India and Nepal. All of them need the outside world's help to be able to continue their education.

Ven. Thupten Donyo began The Delek Children Foundation, after receiving more and more requests from different regions of India to aid in the effort to provide for help for students who were in need of continuing their education, but who had no source of funding to do so. Ven. Donyo works in partnership with the Education Department of the Exiled Tibetan Government and Villagers to help young Tibetan, Nepalese, Indians and Bhutanese students directly.