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Your contribution will change the lives of many children who have very few opportunities. Please help us in providing life's most basic necessities to those who have so little. We are very grateful for those friends who have already generously taken the time to make donations in an effort to change these children's lives.

Becoming a monthly supporter of the DCF is a wonderful way to support the Himalayan children who can't afford to attend higher education. Your support will make education possible for the underprivileged children in the Himalayan region.

You may sponsor a child for one year, four years, or even eight years, depending on their program and your ability to provide funding.

Delek Children's Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization dedicated to help underprivileged children go to school. All donations are fully tax-deductible. Ven Donyo thank those supporters who are making monthly donations to help us with our projects.

General donations for The Delek Children's Foundation charity project go to:

  • Children's education, school supplies, nutrition, boarding (schools are too far from villages) and transportation.
  • Sponsorship: Day School Sponsorship
    A day school sponsorship for one child is $365.00 per year.
  • High School Scholarship
    A high school scholarship for one student is: $500 per year. Unfortunately, free high school is not provided for these children. Each student needs help for four years to graduate and be prepared for college.You may sponsor a child for one year, four years, or even eight years, depending on their program and your ability to provide funding.
  • College Scholarship
    College scholarships are $900 a year and each student needs help for four years. This includes hostel fees, tuition fees, book, travel expenses, and a school uniform to successfully attend and graduate from college. Most of our graduates go into the health professions. Many parents cannot afford to send their children to high school or college, so the children remain at home and search for manual labor jobs outside their village when they are young teenagers.Your support will make education possible for so many children in the Himalayan areas of India, Nepal, and Bhutan and enable these children to contribute to society and make a difference for future generations.Delek Children's Foundation has a policy of not disclosing information about its donors to the public or any other entity. As required by the Federal Government we do disclose the names of donors above a certain level, but will not disclose contact or any other personally identifiable information without the donor's express permission.

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You can send your tax deductible donation to:

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