Delek Children's Foundation

Mission Statement

Delek Children’s Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization dedicated to providing children in need with an education and healthcare throughout the Himalayan region of India, Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, irrespective of their ethnicity and national boundaries.

Our mission is to educate the Himalayan children giving them the opportunity to go to High School and College, and raise their own children with education and eventually help their own communities. Educating these children, giving them the proper nutrition and tools to develop into productive adults, have a better future and continue the cycle for future generations while saving the traditions and culture of the Himalayan people.



As you know from our previous newsletters, this October,Ven. Donyo will travel to his village in Solukhumbu, Nepal to visit the schools where we provide sponsorships for Himalayan children. He will spend most of his time at Shree Dorpu Primary School where we are undertaking school improvements. Volunteers from the U.S. will be joining him to assist the local community and teachers in building new toilets, installing a new water tank, building a playground, and furnishing the classrooms. To support this initiative, we are organizing a special fundraising event on the evening of September 14 from 5 – 7 PM. Tickets are available for $150.00. Please RSVP by August 31st, 2019. Please contact us at to reserve a seat for you and your family and friends. If you are unable to attend, you may donate to the project.

Following are the list of improvements which the school has requested and their approximate cost.

  1. 4 new toilets for the students and the staff                  $2000
  2. New water tank                                                                   $500
  3. Metal cabinets and wooden book shelves                     $400
  4. Office chairs, tables, and benches                                  $350
  5. Student uniforms                                                               $600
  6. Computer with printer and supplies                             $1,500
  7. Small playground with swings and slides                     $1,000
  8. Library facilities/books and audio player                     $1,000
  9. Sports supplies                                                                   $300
  10. School supplies/exercise books, pens and pencils      $400
  11. Bags for students                                                               $400
  12. Educational toys                                                                $500

Any amount to support Ven. Donyo’s goal to aid these children will be helpful.  You can contribute to the project as a whole or designate a part of the project for your funds. Please make donations to the Delek Children’s Foundation.