Delek Children's Foundation

Plans for the Future: 2020 and Beyond

In 2019, Delek Children's Foundation distributed backpacks, jackets, and shoes to 330 students in Nepal. We also started sponsoring an English teacher for Shree Dorpu School from last year. We were also able to provide new toilets for the school. We also have been able to continue providing scholarships to undergraduate students studying in various colleges in India. This is made possible by our kind donors and supporters. Because of the generosity of our donors, the Delek Children’s Foundation was able to benefit many deserving children and families.

During his visit last year, Ven. Donyo also sponsored Shree Dorpu School some outdoor play equipment for the empty courtyard. Although the Solukhumbu is the area where many Tibetans immigrated in the late 1950s, few Tibetans currently live there since most have migrated to cities where there is more opportunity. Ven. Donyo is grateful for the start, Shree Dorpu School gave him and is pleased to repay the kindness he received from Nepal when he was a child. We are pleased with the success of the Foundation’s charity work during the past few years. We’ve helped many students to attend school, and we’re helping with direct aid to families with abandoned and/or disabled children. Helping Himalayan children, irrespective of their nationality, is resulting in real progress for the students and their families. Read more...

Delek Children’s Foundation Charity Tours

Ven. Donyo is leading a charity tour to Asia once a year and all the proceeds will go towards children’s education. We’re thrilled to announce our next upcoming tour to Nepal & India this year.. To join our Charity Tour please contact us…. Read more

Sponsor underprivileged children

Sponsorship is a way of providing basic needs and education for an underprivileged child or young person through the Delek Children’s Foundation. You may directly sponsor a boarding or day student, which means paying set fees on an annual basis…. Read more

Vocational programs

DCF also sponsors young adults, who do not desire a formal college education, to learn skills such as computer programming, hotel management, carpentry, creating and marketing traditional clothing, Thangka painting and other arts to sell…. Read more