Delek Children's Foundation



DCF also sponsors young adults, who do not desire a formal college education, to learn skills such as computer programming, hotel management, carpentry, creating and marketing traditional clothing, Thangka painting and other arts to sell to local institutions. Many young Tibetans who escape from Tibet risk their lives crossing the Himalayan Mountains in search of a better life and education in India and Nepal... Read more


Sponsorship is a way of providing basic needs and education for an underprivileged child or young person through the Delek Children’s Foundation. You may directly sponsor a boarding or day student, which means paying set fees on an annual basis. It is up to each sponsor to decide whether they want to be in contact with the child or young person they sponsor or if they wish to remain anonymous. The sponsorship provides school fees, food, clothing, study materials, and simple medical care to enable a student to attend school or college...Read more

Delek Children's Foundation Charity Tour

The Foundation will organize charity tours to Asia at least once a year to raise some funds for Himalayan Children's education. Joining one of the trips will help to send a child to further education. Ven Donyo has led such tours since 2008 like Buddhist Pilgrimage Tour, Ladakh, Dharamsala, Nepal, Bhutan and South India with Gyuto members. Every year we will rotate different destinations to experience and explore different cultures.