Delek Children's Foundation

Sponsor a Teacher in Nepal

Dear Friends,
Thank you for your recent donations.   Your generosity has furthered our commitment to support more Himalayan students every year.  As you may know, the key to improving the welfare of these children and their families is to provide them with a good education.  In order to do so, schools need strong teachers. One such school is Shree Dorpu in Solukhumbu, Nepal, where our founder, Ven. Donyo, studied before joining the monastery.  Because of Shree Dorpu’s remote location below Mount Everest, it is a challenge to recruit an English teacher for its students.   We have learned that unless we can provide a competitive salary, prospective teachers in Nepal will choose to work in cities for better pay and other opportunities.
To that end, we are asking you to sponsor, or co-sponsor, the salary of an English teacher for Shree Dorpu School.  Currently,  Nepal relies heavily on tourism for its economic growth.  For Nepali students who live close to Mount Everest, a knowledge of English creates opportunities for higher education and better jobs.    We are seeking $150.00 per month (approximately 15,000 Nepali Rupees) as the salary for an English teacher.  We believe that this amount will attract a suitable candidate who will remain in the village to insure the education of these students.  We hope you can contribute to this goal and continue to help us on our path to provide quality education to Himalayan students in Nepal.
If you would like to contribute, or have further questions, please contact us at the Delek Children’s Foundation.