Delek Children's Foundation

Nepal & India Tour 2019

This year, Ven Donyo will lead different trips to Nepal and India. The first trip will be volunteer based trip where you will get a rare opportunity to build toilets and paint the walls of a school in a remote village in Solukhumbu, Nepal. Once the project ends, the main tour, Nepal Cultural tour will starts. After that, the spiritual tour to Dharamsala, India will follow.

Please read through the trip details carefully as we are organizing three different tours.

We are pleased to announce that we have expanded the scope of the volunteer trip to the schools in Solukhumbu. Thanks to your generous support, we have found an English teacher for Shree Dorpu School.  The staff and students are anticipating his arrival in April, 2019.  When Ven. Donyo asked how else the Delek Children’s Foundation could help, the Headmistress requested our assistance with urgent needs for the school.  In addition to bringing educational toys for the students, we decided to host a group of volunteers who could work with a local team to build a water tank, library and a playground next to the main building.

Before the main cultural tour starts, Ven. Donyo will visit his village in Solukhumbu, Nepal and visit the schools where we provide sponsorship for some children. He will spent most of his time at Shree Dorpu Primary School where we are planning to undertake some projects to improve the facilities in the school. Currently, the school does not have proper sanitation and water system. They also lack proper furniture in the classroom and does not have a playground. With sufficient funds and donations, we hope to provide the following facilities to the school.

  1. 4 new toilets for the students and the staff :                 $2000
  2. New water tank                                                                    $500
  3. Metal cabinets and wooden book shelves                      $400
  4. Some office chairs, tables and benches                          $350
  5. Students uniforms                                                               $600
  6. Set of computer with printer with supplies                    $1,500
  7. Small playground with swings and sliding                     $1,000
  8. Library facilities/books and audio player                       $1,000
  9. Sport supplies                                                                       $300
  10. School supplies/exercise books, pen and pencils          $400
  11. Bags for students                                                                  $400
  12. Educational toys                                                                   $500

If you would like to participate and visit this school with Ven. Donyo, there will be a minimal cost of $550 which covers the round-trip airfare cost from Kathmandu to Phaplu airport (Solukhumbu) with room and board.

October 11 : Arrive in Kathmandu.

October 12 : Free day in Nepal

October 13 : Fly to Phaplu airport in Solukhumbu

October  13 - 18 : Project in Solukhumbu

October 19 : Fly back to Kathmandu

October 20 : Return back to US or join the Nepal Cultural Tour with Ven. Donyo

Trip Cost : $550.00

If you would like a single room, there will be an additional $250.

The above cost Includes

  1. 6 nights in twin bed, shared rooms in Solukhumbu and Kathmandu.
  2. All meals included for the duration of the project.
  3. Overland transportation as per the tour itinerary.
  4. Round trip flight from Kathmandu to Phaplu.
  5. Airport transfer as per the group itinerary

Cost doesn’t include:

  1. International Airfare and Visa for Nepal
  2. Airport transfers and hotel accommodations for those arriving and leaving separately from the group.
  3. Expenses occurred due to unavoidable Events i.e. road wrecks, flight delay/cancellations etc.
  4. All personal expenses such as DRINKS, LAUNDRY, MEDICAL, etc.
  5. Insurance of any kind
  6. Cost which are not included above in “Cost Inc."

This is the minimal cost as it is volunteer based trip. Since this is also a peak season for tourists and trekkers, we have to book the flights in advance. . If you have any questions, please write to us at or call us at 510-674-6000. REGISTRATION IS CLOSED FOR THE TRIP. Join us to bring big smiles to the children in the Himalayas!





For your international tickets, we recommend you to contact Sonam at Third Eye Travel at or call her at (510) 487-9010 and she will assist you with the international flight reservation. If you prefer to fly on different airlines, please make sure to mention that to her and she will find the best option. You must arrive in Kathmandu on the same day according to the group schedule. If you arrive in Kathmandu one day before or after the group, all the additional expenses will not be included in the package.

Nepal Visas : Visa for Nepal can be obtained upon arrival at the airport. The cost for Nepalese visa is $25 for minimum 15 days. Please make sure to bring extra passport photos for the Nepalese visa.

If you have any questions about the trips, please contact Ven. Donyo directly at (510) 674-6000 or at: